Honorable minister for Health & Family Welfare- Mr. Mohammed Nasim MP handed over the “Blood Donator’s Contribution Award” and “Certificate of Honor” to Allama Sufi Syed Zafar Sadeque Shah, the Surviving Shaykh of Rahe Bhander Silsila at the Holy Family Red Crescent Medical College auditorium, today June 14, 2017. Rahe Bhander achieved this for the second time as one of the mostly contributed best Blood Donors national award.
“Give Blood; Give Now; Give Often”, holding as its motto the World Blood Donor Day has observed by Bangladesh Red Crescent Society in association with International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC).
As special guest, the occasion was addressed by the Vice-President of Bangladesh Red Crescent Society- Professor Dr. Habib Millat MP and some other Managing Committee members. Senior Bangladesh Chapter members of the International Red Cross Committee and Red Cross & Red Crescent Society also speak on the occasion. Welcome speech was given by the society’s secretary general B. M. M. Mojaherul Haque while Society Chairman Mr. Hafiz Ahmed Mazumdar has been presiding over the ceremony.
Rahe Bhander Silsila, a globally contributing south Asian SUFI Hab, achieved 2nd time national level award among some others, for its vastly effective Blood Donation Campaign, “ROKTODAN UTSOB” means, “Blood Donation Festival” throughout the region.
Sufi Syed Zafar Sadeque Shah proclaimed, “Rahe Bhander Donating Blood in favor of humanity while IS, Al-Qaieda and such so-called Islamic organizations are suckling Blood of innocent Muslims as well as other religious communities”. “The significant matter of grief is, all of them are taking people’s blood in the name of ISLAM in contrary to the thought of Prophet Mohammed (pbuh), the unprecedented Prophet of PEACE”, he added while talking with the correspondent Safayet Hosain of Rahe Bhander Web Scribers there in Dhaka this afternoon.
Our “Blood Donation Festival” is not just a Champaign to our Sufi followers but a gloryfying festival, they willfully take part and joyfully donate Bloods”, he remarked, is also the organizer of a global awareness growing event- Prophet’s Day (August 29) and Universal Sufi Festival.
Author: S A Medu, Corespondent: Safayet, Photo: Khokan