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এ ওয়েবসাইটের নির্মাণ কাজ চলমান রয়েছে। আপনাদের ধৈর্য ও সহযোগিতা কাম্য।

In the year 1996, the present Sufi Master Hajrath Moulana Syed Zafor Sadek Shah (May, Allah accept his endeavourer) became successful to establish a juniors’ organization by a few of his early initiated Sufi Disciples including relatives and followers of the Rahe Bhander Sufi Order while living at Al-Ain of United Arab Emirates (UAE). Firstly, it was formed as Rahe Bhander Prokasona Porishad (Rahe Bhander Publication committee). Within a few months due to mass contribution and support, that committee get enlarged; eventually reformed and it became renamed as the Rahe Bhander Tarun Ashekan Porishad (Youth Association of Rahe Bhander Affectionate). By this time they also became successful to select a logo for the association.

Thus the way, from time to time the present Sufi Master established 8 (Eight) organizations in different situations and criteria. Since the beginning, all those organizations are publishing Annual Event Calendar, Regular Magazine, Books and occasional various Electronic & print media publications in association with the Youth Association of Rahe Bhander Affectionate under his superintendence to develop social awareness. On the other side, they are organizing and performing a number of annual and monthly Socio-religious events, likewise: Sufi Sessions, Lecture Program, URS Festival, Universal Sufi Festival, Mystic Musical Program / Qawwali, Blood Donation Ceremony, Free Treatment Program, Rahe Bhander Ennoble Award, Free training course on Professional Multimedia, Multimedia Presentations and many more.


The Organizations are:

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